Winning Lease Negotiations 

We use the amplified influence negotiating method.
SiteLink negotiators have negotiated thousands of leases for tenant clients; companies like Sprint, Qwest, ConocoPhillips, Farmers Insurance, 24 Hour Fitness, Sears, the United States Postal Service, Hostess, El Paso Energy, Meridian Oil, Fitness Depot, Phelps Dodge Fuel Development, Mountain States Legal Foundation, Alphagraphics, and many others.
Our dramatic difference is that we only represent tenants and our entire focus is on reducing your rent costs and delivering to you expertly negotiated leases that favor the tenant. With many thousands of successful leases under our belt, we have the experience to deal with any landlord in any market.
We can reduce your lease costs by 20% and more.
SiteLink can improve your bottom line and improve your leasehold rights through any of these opportunities:
    1.  Winning Lease Renewal Negotiations with better terms and reduced costs.
    2.  Winning Lease Re-Negotiations with better terms and reduced costs.
    3.  Winning Lease Negotiations for new market launches and rollouts.
    4.  Consulting for any Lease Negotiation.
We have negotiated thousands of leases on behalf of some of the best known companies in the world
SiteLink’s skilled Winning Lease Negotiations ends the constant rise in portfolio costs; and, instead, reverses the trend, reducing total portfolio costs beginning immediately upon implementation of the program. 
We absolutely guaranty our work.  if you are not 100% completely satisfied, we work for free.
A systematic approach to attack costs for all lease negotiations is implemented and supported by proper negotiation strategies and robust, site-specific market data.  SiteLink’s Winning Lease Negotiations methodology uses a single, central office, single point of contact model for consistent results and maximum effectiveness.  We use the Amplified Influence method of negotiating.
Before initiating any negotiation, we develop the market data and identify the target rent and terms under which we want to finalize the transaction.  Once that is identified, we develop a strategy specific for the site and landlord and how best to achieve the objective.  We invest a great deal of effort in honing the skills necessary for success and strategizing the approach.  SiteLink always creates the proper positioning from which to negotiate with landlords.
    >  We introduce “stalking horses” to the discussion. 
    >  We engage the proper timeline for negotiation. 
    >  We know the end numbers and how to get there.
    >  We bring to bear trends and metrics in your industry to support negotiations.
    >  We engage powerful “third party” negotiating tactics.
Our SiteLink Network provides us all the information you need.  By centrally conducting the Winning Lease Negotiations, SiteLink provides you with consistent reports and verified data in every market.  You will also be provided full access to Site IQ for real time updates, document review, transaction management, and comprehensive completed transaction information on every transaction including critical dates and email alerts, contact management, and lease and financial abstracts. 
The benefits for using SiteLink’s Winning Lease Negotiations are numerous.
    >  You’ll get aggressive lease terms negotiated below current rates, handled by an experienced and
         skillful expert negotiator.
    >  You’ll get comprehensive lease document review and redlined by SiteLink.
    >  We’ll fix the 10 Fatal Flaws found in most lease documents.
    >  You’ll get improved leasehold rights.
    >  You’ll get greater document standardization throughout your portfolio.
    >  You’ll get real-time updates available online for each lease renewal, including tracking all transaction
         milestones, using Site IQ, SiteLink’s proprietary and secure portfolio administration web application.
    >  You’ll get comprehensive lease abstracts available online using Site IQ, including all site contact information,
         financial information and payment schedules, critical lease clauses, and critical dates information and
         automatic email alerts.
    >  You’ll get digital scans of every document w/ keyword search capability available online.
    >  We’ll reverse the upward spiral of “rent creep”.
    >  You’ll get one single-point of contact available for your entire Winning Lease Negotiations project.

We’ll be glad to lay out the plans through which you can immediately begin reducing your portfolio occupancy costs without compromising the footprint of you national reach and at the same time reducing your personnel and operating costs.

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