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Get the information you need on any site, on any lease document,
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SiteLink’s proprietary web-based lease administration system, Site IQ, turns your portfolio data into Actionable Business Information.  You handle the six critical areas of portfolio administration:
Site IQ Logo    > Critical Dates Information w/ Email Alerts
    > Financial and Payment Information
    > Contract and Document Information
    > Physical Site Information
    > Transaction Management Information in Real-time
    > Portfolio Contacts Information

Never miss a critical date…
You can be sure that you are in compliance with all lease provisions in throughout your entire portfolio and that you never miss a critical date.
Site IQ is a web-based application SiteLink developed so our tenant clients have an easy system to track the complex issues that come with managing large portfolios of specialized facilities.  Site IQ provides you with real-time Actionable Business Information.  Site IQ is accessible anywhere, anytime.
Site IQ is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art real estate administration application which will help you streamline lifecycle tasks and provide you useful information to realize your cost reduction objectives.  Though it is extremely comprehensive, Site IQ is easy to use.
Site IQ Functionality:
    >  Provides a Critical Dates alert system and automatic email alerts
    >  Provides a detailed, real-time, transaction management benchmark tracking system
    >  Provides full and complete lease document abstracts
    >  Provides a digital document management system w/ keyword search capabilities
    >  Tracks all occupancy cost information including rent, CAM’s, taxes, reconciliations, etc
    >  Generates A/P Voucher Reports for integration into popular accounting systems
    >  Generates A/R Invoice Reports for integration into popular accounting systems
    >  Provides a tool for budgeting occupancy costs
    >  Tracks contacts for each site such as property managers, brokers, lawyers, etc
    >  Tracks extensive physical site information for leased (or owned) space
    >  Tracks on-going landlord relations and negotiations
    >  Provides Key Performance Indicators for sites and business units
    >  Easily identifies which party is responsible for each expense
    >  Tracks capital equipment on controlled sites
    >  Tracks capital equipment maintenance
    >  Provides a pictures and images library
    >  Generates location maps for each site
    >  Customizable field list for your exact needs
You’ll know every important detail, make every critical date, and reduce portfolio costs with a bullet-proof delivery system.

Portfolio Management Process

Site IQ Control Panel

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